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October 20, 2014

Lenawee County Prosecutor’s Office Goes Paperless with ImageSoft JusticeTech™ Prosecution

SOUTHFIELD, MI, (October 20, 2014) — In its continuing effort to increase public safety and improve service to constituents, the Lenawee County Prosecutor’s office in Adrian, Mich., has implemented an end-to-end electronic prosecution solution to streamline processes and expedite justice.

In June, the county deployed the JusticeTech Prosecution Solution from Southfield, Mich.-based ImageSoft. JusticeTech will significantly improve efficiency in the Prosecutor’s office, provide greater transparency and deliver faster, easier access to the case file.

“It’s the solution of choice for improving the speed of justice and providing enhanced service to the public,” said Scott Bade, ImageSoft president.

JusticeTech Prosecution Solution improves efficiency for both law enforcement and prosecutor staff by simplifying the way case-related information is organized, transmitted and accessed. Digital files and automated processes replace paper files and manual processes, enabling prosecutors to electronically manage and try a case.

JusticeTech facilitates communication between the prosecutor and law enforcement and promotes information sharing. Police reports, witness statements, evidence and other paper documents that must be promptly shared by law enforcement with the prosecutor’s office can be transmitted electronically, quickly and efficiently, saving time and reducing costs.

JusticeTech Prosecution Solution also simplifies the process of reviewing and screening prosecution requests, streamlines the discovery process and provides an electronic subpoena process. The result is swifter justice and better-informed decision making.

“The benefits of this solution were immediately apparent,” said Amanda Wagner, manager of the Lenawee County Prosecutor’s Office. “The true test came when an Assistant Prosecutor had 70-plus cases in one day and was able to complete every docket in court as they happened. His assistant too was able to complete dispositions and prep work on each file that same day. In the paper world, that would have taken about two weeks. We’re thrilled with what this means for productivity. ImageSoft’s JusticeTech Prosecution Solution is a solid system, and we’re very excited to begin using it in ways beyond just our criminal files.”